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Since the eye as a special sensory organ is exposed to the various elements, there are a lot of scenarios wherein the eyeball can sustain injuries, like road traffic accidents, industrial catastrophes, chemical injuries and in times like Diwali, cracker injuries due to projectiles of various sizes hitting the eyes with high velocity.

In these types of injuries either the eyeball alone can be damaged or the bony structure surrounding the eyeball called the orbits. Sometimes the patient may sustain facial trauma involving the jawbones as well, and in many cases a collaborative effort involving the maxillofacial and neurosurgeon may be warranted.

Perforating injuries of the globe alone, need to be attended to with care and caution paying attention to repairing the various coats of the eyes and many times recruiting the help of the retina surgeon and / or the Oculoplasty specialist.

The Eye clinic team has a huge experience in handling trauma cases, involving the globe and the orbits. In chemical injuries, like exposure to acids or alcohol extensive damage could occur to the ocular surface leading to scarring and adhesions. These should be released with great care and a new surface restored. Many of these patients need a multi-pronged approach with special conformers and patch grafts.

Handling cases of ocular trauma would require a different level of skill and expertise, both of which you can expect from our team.

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