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Does someone wish to donate their eyes? Here’s what you must know.

eye donate.jpg
Baby with corneal opacity awaiting corneal transplantation.
  • Anyone can donate their eyes, irrespective of age, sex or religion

  • Diabetes, hypertension, cataract, prior eye surgery, use of spectacles or bad eye sight does not prevent you from being a donor

  • Eye donation is voluntary

  • Pledge your eyes at the nearest eye bank

  • Inform your closest relatives of your intention to donate eyes 

  • Even if eyes are not pledged, relatives can still donate eyes

  • Eye donation happens only after death

  • The donor and recipient remain confidential

  • The eyeballs are never sold. However the recipient will have to pay the processing fee

  • Only the cornea can be used for transplantation

  • The eyes need to be removed within 4-6 hours of death therefore contact nearest eye-bank at the earliest

  • Eye bank team reaches donor's home or hospital for the eye donation process

  • The procedure takes only 20 minutes. No delay for the funeral

  • A death certificate issued by treating physician is mandatory

  • Eye donation does not produce any facial disfigurement

  • There is no cost involved and no remuneration

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