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My eye is watering. Do I need to be worried?

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  • Watering is a common eye symptom that can occur due to various reasons. It could be because of more tear production(increased input) or problems in tear outflow pathway(decreased output).

  • More tear production is commonly seen in computer vision syndrome, foreign body in the eye and allergic conjunctivitis. These can be treated by topical drops and/or lifestyle changes.

  • Outflow problem will need evaluation with the Ophthalmologist/Oculoplasty consultant to confirm your diagnosis after doing some tests.  

  • Outflow of tears occurs from eyelid till nose where tears evaporate. Any block at any level will lead to watering. Block is common at the end in nose in which case a surgery is done to create new pathway to drain tears from eye to nose. 

  • Leaving an outflow block unattended can lead to infections in this pathway and complications due to it. 

  • DCR surgery has a very high rate of success and needs a week of rest post operatively. Surgery can be done via a skin Incision or via an endoscope in nose.

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