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How to look after your eyes after cataract surgery – the DOs and DON’Ts

  • DO put your drops and take your medications regularly.

  • The drops following cataract surgery are continued for approximately 4-6 weeks after surgery. Lubricating eye drops however may continue for upto 3 months after surgery.

  • Always keep a gap of approximately 5 minutes between two different drops.

  • Ensure strict hygiene while instilling and storing the drops.

  • Do not discontinue the drops when the bottle finishes, buy a new bottle and continue until the prescribed date.

  • If the drops change color, it must be discarded as it is possibly contaminated. Ensure the drops are replaced every 40 days.

  • Some drops cause precipitation which is normal. Please consult your treating ophthalmologist regarding the same. 

  • Clean your eyes with a sterile cotton ball (boiled and cooled overnight) two to three times a day.

  • Any excess tearing, should be wiped away from below the eyes using clean tissues which are immediately discarded.

  • DON’T rub your eyes. 

  • It is important to use an eye shield taped down at night for the week following surgery to prevent accidental injury whilst sleeping.

  • DO wear your protective glasses for the first week.

  • DON’T splash tap water in your eyes

  • DON’T let dirt or smoke go into your eyes

  • DON’T let tap water enter your eyes while bathing, for a few days its preferable to have a bath just below the neck and the face can be cleaned with a clean wet towel ensuring you don’t go close to the operated eye.

  • DO continue your daily activities like watching TV, working on your computer

  • DO continue having your regular diet

  • DON’T lift heavy weights for the first week. For those into sports, avoid contact sports for few months.

  • You will have some amount of itching, irritation, redness or watering in your eye after the surgery this is totally normal. Over a period of time these symptoms will gradually go away

  • It takes almost one month for the post operative visual acuity to stabilize after the surgery.

  • Should you find any odd symptoms after your surgery, please pick up your phone and call your ophthalmologist. 

  • Generally, follow ups are done on day 1, day 5 and day 21. 

  • Your final glass prescription will be given to you within 20 to 30 days postoperatively which will further improve the quality of vision. 

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