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Dr Suvira FRCS(UK) 

Senior Ophthalmic Surgeon

Providing Care since 1995

Dr Suvira is privileged to serve the community of Mumbai by offering personalized, one-on-one care to her patients. She provides professional and comprehensive eye care solutions by employing cutting-edge technology and techniques.  Her clinical philosophy is focused on identifying personalized solutions to fit each patient’s individual needs and ensure the highest level of patient satisfaction.




This is derived from the word "Cataract" which means a waterfall. It denotes a pathological process wherein the naturally clear human crystalline lens turns opaque, gradually leading to a progressive diminution of the quantum and quality of vision.



No one would like to wear spectacles if they can help it. While refractive errors like short sightedness( myopia) and long sightedness ( hyperopia) affect 8 % of the worlds population! a large section of these people would like to get rid of their spectacles.



The cornea is a clear transparent structure, which appears to be variously coloured as it reflects the colour of the underlying iris. It's accounts for about 60% of the refractive power of the eye! Whereas the human lens accounts for only 40!!



To put it in simple terms, Glaucoma is a chronic visually incapacitating disease that primarily damages and destroys the nerve cells in the retina that is responsible for relaying information about the person's visual field to the brain via the optic nerve


Ocular Surface Disorders

Dry eye syndrome is a multifactorial chronic disorder produced by 2 main causes: the insufficient production of tears – Aqueous Deficiency, or the evaporation of normally produced tears- Evaporative Dry eye, predominantly caused by abnormally functioning Meibomian glands.



Age related macular degeneration (ARMD) affects about 9% of the worlds senior citizens, to a lesser or greater degree. While chronic smoking and chewing pan has been indisputably linked to this condition



Since the eye as a special sensory organ is exposed to the various elements, there are a lot of scenarios wherein the eyeball can sustain injuries, like road traffic accidents, industrial catastrophes, chemical injuries and in times like Diwali, cracker injuries due to projectiles of various sizes hitting the eyes with high velocity.


Pediatric Eye Care

Comprehensive ophthalmic evaluation is offered for children of all ages.


Specialty Contact Lenses

Patients undergo through evaluation and contact lenses trail to choose the optimal contact lenses. They are also educated with respect to handling of the contact lenses through various sessions as required. The following contact lenses are available and dispensed here

About Dr Suvira Jain

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Dr. Suvira Jain, is a thinking ophthalmologist, with a mission to deliver new age, top of the line eye care to her patients with care and compassion.As a person she is a no-nonsense, hard working, dedicated and compassionate human being. She is a full fledged ophthalmologist, not only having acquired exemplary clinical knowledge and surgical skills, but is also deeply involved in research, a passion for teaching and a tireless inclination to keep abreast with emerging meaningful technology, by presenting a multitude of scientific papers in national and international ophthalmic fora.Ethical in her approach towards patients, and is always aware of the safety and far-reaching consequences of the treatment meted out to patients, she is one on whom you can place yourabsolute trust and faith that you and your near and dear will receive quality treatment for your ophthalmic ailments.She is a specialist in cataract and refractive surgery and corneal conditions. She has worked at the Doncaster Royal Infirmary in England,and has acquired the coveted degree of FRCS (Edinborough), before returning to India to serve her people.FRCS ( Edinborough), before returning to India to serve her people. This is

evident from the fact that one of her primary attachments is a charitable hospital - K G Bachooali Eye hospital in Parel, Mumbai.

She has independently performed  over 95000 cataract surgical procedures, both for straightforward as well as complex cataracts, by the technique of phacoemulsification with the implantation of Premium IOLs, which she has mastered over the last 25 years.

She has performed over a thousand corneal transplant procedures independently,at K.B. Haji. Bachooali eye hospital ,Parel, in the last two decades . Her greatest gift is her ability to teach the art of phacoemulsification surgery to her students, she has taught more than 1000+ students so far, and their gratitude is a shining example for her skills as a teacher.

She is currently working on a textbook on phacoemulsification titled in "The Art of Phacoemulsification - the passion, the essence, the quest",wherein she puts down her expertise and experience on paper to benefit a lot of trainee surgeons.The eye clinic embodies the essence and the basic philosophy of the uncompromising quality and selfless service to humanity that she believes in. 

She runs the eyeclinic along with a senior optometrist and provides state of the art eye care to one and all.

Dr Suvira Jain's  clinic offers comprehensive eye care clinical, services like correction of refractive errors and glasses prescription,a specialised  contact lens clinic,comprehensive pediatric eye care , glaucoma management  , treatment of all corneal conditions including eye transplants, Cataract services which include the impantation of   premium IOls,and Refractive Surgical services like Lasik, management of Dry eyes and Ocular Surface disorders ,Retinal evaluation and medical and surgical treatment of Retinal disorders , Oculoplasty services and Management of Ocular Trauma . 

The surgeries are performed at Trivision  hospital,Bandra West,Rushabh hospital,Chembur,as well as KBHaji Bachooali eye hospital ,Parel all of which are well located, well equipped hospital with a good code of ethics.

What sums up the entire philosophy of the eye clinic lies in its motto "the best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others."

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