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10 March 2024

Bombay Ophthalmic Society Annual CME

Organising secretary at the Bombay ophthalmic society annual CME at Taj lands end . Hosted a session 'A matter of choice' discussion IOl options in various clinical settings

10 February 2024

Bombay ophthalmic conference mumbai/10/11 feb

BOA 2024 Annual conference, Mumbai held on Feb 10-11

16 December 2023

Phacology 2023 , Kochi

Invited as faculty to the conference where she was actively involved multiple training sessions for ophthalmologists. Also participated in several panel discussions.

8 July 2023

IIRIS, Chennai

Presented a paper on" Assessing visual performance of premium IOLS at IIRSI

29 June 2023

S.I.C.S.S.O, Catana 23, Italy

Course director of course' aesthetics in Pterygium surgery at sicsso June 23

14 May 2023

All India Ophthalmic meet at Kochi, may2023

Chief instructor at the course
Principles of Anterior Vitrectomy at All India Ophthalmic meet at Kochi, may2023

25 March 2023

Bombay Ophthalmic Society Meeting, March 2023

These belong to Bombay Ophthalmic Society meeting, March 2023, Organising Secretary of the WOS session - My mistakes/ My greatest learning

29 January 2023

AIOC ARC , JIO World Convention Centre, Mumbai

Presented "Principles of management of a complicated cataract surgical case"at the AIOC ARC Comprehensive Cataract Capsule

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22 November 2022

Phakology symposium 2022

Dr Suvira presented a lecture on 'Positioning premium IOLs following cataract surgery' at the Phakology symposium 2022 held at Trivandrum, Kerala.

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13 November 2022

WOW/WOS Conclave, New Delhi

Trained students in the technique of Phacoemulsification at the Surgical Skill Transfer course wet lab, at the WOW/WOS Conclave,in Delhi

12 November 2022

Women ophthalmologists society (WOS) India

Panelist at the Cataract session, in the Woman Ophthalmologists Worldwide (WOW) and Women ophthalmologists society (WOS) India

12 November 2022

Women Ophthalmologists Worldwide(WOW)

Represented Maharashtra as the state head of the Women Ophthalmologists society of India(WOS), at the Women Ophthalmologists Worldwide(WOW)

22 October 2022

Mission for Vision Foundation

Acknowledged by the Hindustan Post for being part of a city-wide drive in Mumbai to carry out a program offering free eye check up for 1000 sanitation workers in association with Mission for Vision Foundatio

16 July 2022

IIRSI Chennai

Panelist at an Instruction Course on Challenges in Cataract surgery at IIRSI Chennai

2 July 2022

S .I.C.S.S.O congress at Italy

With senior colleagues , following the S .I.C.S.S.O congress at Italy, at a vineyard in Sienna

30 June 2022

S.I,C.CS.O,the Italian Cornea meeting

At S.I,C.CS.O,the Italian Cornea meeting, Florence,Italy, with Professor Enzo Sarnicola,President of this Congress

30 June 2022

Lecture being presented at S.I.C.S.S.O, Florence, Italy

"Principles of Management of a Biheaded Pterygium" Lecture being presented at S.I.C.S.S.O, Florence, Italy

30 June 2022

S.I. C.S.SO , at Florence, Italy

Presenting her paper" Principles of management of a Biheaded Pterygium"
At S.I. C.S.SO , at Florence, Italy

30 June 2022

S.I.C.C.S.O, Florence, Italy

Previlidged to be called at faculty at S.I.C.C.S.O, Florence, Italy

18 June 2022

Co-Instructor at " Medicolegal aspects in Ophthamology",at AIOS, Mumbai

Presented her paper on "Medicolegal aspects in Premium Cataract Surgery", at this session.

5 June 2022

Co instructor at the instruction course" Intra operative emergencies" , Mumbai

Presented a paper on Intra-operative Zonular Dialysis at this session

4 June 2022

All India Ophthalmic Society Meeting, Mumbai

WinningTeam Captain,WOS meeting ,at All India Ophthalmic Society Meeting, Mumbai

4 June 2022

All India Ophthalmic meeting, Mumbai

Presented four papers and conducted instruction courses ,at the All India Ophthalmic meeting, Mumbai

2 June 2022

All India ophthalmic meeting in Mumbai

Presenting her paper on" Medicolegal aspect in Premium Cataract Surgery"
Ar the All India ophthalmic meeting in Mumbai

1 March 2020

Kalinga Sankara , Orissa

Team at Live surgery of challenging cases ,at Kalinga Sankara , Orissa

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